Milum Services Ltd (MSL), (formerly TKI) is a dynamic and forward-thinking company located in the heart of Papua New Guinea Enterprise.

MSL offers a comprehensive range of services including engineering, construction, security, labor hire, transport & logistics, electrical services, and recruitment to corporate clients in PNG.

Our Vision is to become a leading provider of complementary services to the resources and energy sectors and beyond, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in Papua New Guinea.

MSL has a strong presence in the Western Province and boasts decades of experience in supporting OTML, the largest mining operation in PNG. We also collaborate with government, public, and private sectors across the country.

Our success lies in our ability to seamlessly integrate our skilled staff with our clients' operations. We take pride in meeting the stringent compliance requirements of the resources and energy industries.

Safety is paramount in everything we do at MSL, ensuring the well-being of our clients and staff. We are recognized as one of the safest operators in the Western Province.

As a member of the MSL team, you will play a crucial role in upholding our values and maintaining accurate records of our actions.

You will work alongside a diverse local and international management team, contributing to our extensive portfolio of projects. We provide ongoing training, competency testing, and access to quality resources, fostering a positive and professional working environment.



Stanley Ipu, the former Managing Director, established TKI in 1989 to meet the labor hire requirements of Ok Tedi Mining Limited. As time went on, TKI expanded its services to include security, construction, and engineering.

On January 1, 2022, TKI was acquired by Milum Services Ltd (MSL), the OTML Landowners Royalty Trust. MSL takes pride in being 100% PNG-owned and employs nearly 600 PNG Nationals and Expatriates. We are dedicated to partnering with clients all across the country.

Our Board of Directors consists of local landowner leaders and independent directors of the Royalty Trust, ensuring that our decisions are made with the best interests of the community in mind.

When it comes to contractors, MSL is one of the three major Umbrella Landowner Companies (ULCs) in Western Province. The other two are Tabubil Development Corporation (TDC) and Lotic Bige Limited (LBL) of the Lower Ok Tedi area.

Within these ULCs, we work with a range of independent and associated/subsidiary companies that provide services to the Ok Tedi Mine, the largest mine in the country.


In the eve​nt of fire

In the event of a fire, make your way safely to the nearest fire exit as shown on your walk-through induction. The emergency evacuation point is the car park at the front of the MSL Offices, please wait there until instructions are given. In no instance are you re-enter the premises unless approval is given.

Pay periods

You will be paid fortnightly on a Friday. This timing is non-negotiable. Should you have any issues of pay discrepancy, you will need to raise it with your immediate manager.

Company loans or wage advances

Under no circumstances will MSL issue company loans or payments before the scheduled pay day. Should you require a loan please schedule time with your manager to see the bank.

Personal loans between employees “dinau” are not permitted within MSL operations, should an individual be found to be carrying out such practices they will face instant dismissal and reported to the appropriate authorities.


If you are living within company accommodation, you are required to abide by company accommodation policy and rules. Failure to do so could result in termination of your accommodation agreement or dismissal in serious cases. Please review policy attached.

Fatigue and Rest

MSL delegates three fatigue days per year, per individual that has worked six months or more continuous service. The days are paid days and can be requested through the employee’s manager, should an employee feel fatigued due to tiredness or personal issues. Refer to the policy for applicable details as this does not apply to all business personnel.

Probation Period

You will be employed based on a probation period of six months. You will be monitored by your manager and upon completion will be granted full employment.

Should your manager feel that you have not satisfied the required standards, your probation period may be extended for a further three months.


You cannot drive a MSL vehicle without the permission of MSL, refer to the policy for all applicable details. Failure to abide by these will result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

Company Meals

If you are eligible for company meals, you will need to ensure you arrive at the mess during the time of service. Exceptions will not be made. You will receive three meals a day and no more. You are not permitted to swap your meal for other goods or allow another employee to use your meal allowance. Should you feel that your meals are not suitable, please raise this with your manager or supervisor.

Renewing of PPE and Uniform

You will be issued with 2 sets of trousers and shirt as well as a hard hat, boots and safety glasses upon your employment. Should these become damaged or unwearable during your employment, please request a new set from the storeroom, your manager will need to sign this off and you will be issued with a new set.

The old ones must be returned to the storeroom before new ones are issued. This is to ensure nobody cheats and gets extra PPEs.


If flights back to your point of hire are included in your employment terms, you are obliged to meet the agreed flight dates and times. If you fail to meet these times with no appropriate reason, you will be liable for the continuation of travel back to work. This will include the cost of changing the flights, the cost of accommodation and any other transfer costs incurred. Appropriate reasons will be down to the discretion of the general manager.

Outside work

During periods you are not engaged with work such as evenings or off days, you are permitted to partake in activities as you please. Behavior such as fighting or causing public nuisance during this time will not be tolerated by MSL or OTML.

Should an incident be bought to the attention of MSL through APD or other authorities your employment may be terminated.

Stand down period

Once you have signed an employment contract with MSL you are also signing a stand down period within the contract. This means that if you leave MSL for any reason you are restricted from working in the Western Province for 3 months. In order to gain employment with another business within the three-month period, you will need a release letter from MSL.


1. Stealing​ from the company, the company’s customers or another employee.

2. Committing an Act of Violence or verbal abuse toward any other person.

3. Misuse of a vehicle.

4. Deliberate destruction of MSL or MSL customers or another employee’s property.

5. Attending work under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs including buai.

6. Refusal to carry out a task that is lawful and safe.

7. Acting or instructing others to act in an unsafe manner.

8. Operating or instructing an employee to operate a vehicle or item of machinery without the proper Verification of Competency.

9. Absent from work for more than Two (2) days without approval.

10. Failure to report damage to a vehicle or item of equipment or tools related to work within 24 hours.

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