March 2024

MSL Tire Truck Overturns on KM94 of the Tabubil-Kiunga Highway

On the 18th of March 2024 at 15:46 the OTML F200 rolled over at KM 94 along a narrow pass on the Tabubil-Kiunga Highway. The truck involved was an Isuzu FVR truck modified as a tire truck with a

Mobile Hiab attached to the back of the cabin, bearing the plate number DAC 501. The accident was caused by the driver's loss of concentration, driving error, and poor communication.

The convoy supervisor reported the accident 15 minutes after the occurrence and transported the two victims to the KM 120 checkpoint, where the APD ERT team took over. The incident scene was secured with barricade tape, and traffic was restored to normalcy. Both the operator and the tire fitter sustained minor injuries (lacerations) to their bodies, but nothing severe. They were both cleared the next day, by doctors after their review. Fortunately for the company, this incident won’t affect our LTI because there were no Loss Time Injuries or damage caused to the vehicle, and the recovery of F200 was successfully done by Star West, Milum, and OTML safety on the 31st of March. 

Considering the incident, both OTML and MSL have come up with measures to prevent such  accidents from occurring. This includes updating the linehaul SWP (Safe Work Procedures), where the tire truck will be included in the convoy as a 'Green flag,' multiple radio checks along the  highway to alert operators and maintaining communication.

Safety Take aways/Vehicle Highway Accident Learnings

There are essential insights that must be conveyed to ensure the safety of our personnel:

Driving is a task fraught with risk and demands utmost attention.

1. Avoid distractions – focus on the road and adapt your

driving to the prevailing conditions.

2. Prioritize rest – Ensure you are well-rested before embarking on a journey. Tools like fatigue management aids such as the readiwatch are designed to safeguard you, ensuring a safe return to your loved ones.

3. Self-monitoring – If you experience moments of drowsiness while driving, it is imperative to stop and rest to safeguard yourself and others.

4. Mutual support – For individuals driving in teams, regular check-ins such as "Are you still fit to drive?" can be a lifesaving intervention.

5. Organizational responsibility – Leaders overseeing drivers within their organization must establish robust processes and systems to ensure the safety of their personnel. Even a single accident is one too many.

6. Let us collectively prioritize safety. The prevention of any tragic outcome is our shared goal.

Technical Services projects

The project photos below features the Mine Locker Shed and Chemical storage facility, successfully finalized in March. The Tech Services and Construction team orchestrated the project's implementation, under the leadership of Supervisor Brian Raka.

HR Weekly Meetings with OTML Training and Development Team

In a recent development, the MSL HR and Transport departments have been having weekly meetings with the OTML training team to discuss ways in which we can improve the current permitting systems especially with regards to the linehaul operator’s trainings and permits.

These ongoing meetings has been a great initiative to continue and work on a way forward for both teams.

New Managers joining MSL

The company has recently onboarded two new managers to our team. We are delighted to introduce our new Transport Manager, Ryan Chancellor, and our new Technical Services Manager, Raymundo Agoot. 

During this period, we will collaborate closely to align these departments with the performance expectations set by our management. Together, we aim to introduce fresh perspectives that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their respective departments and

contribute to the overall improvement of the company.

 March 2024 Milum Moments Newsletter